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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Layce Boswell – Why Social Networks Are The Keys To Good Networking @markdmajor

Why Social Networks Are The Keys To Good Networking by Layce Boswell

With technology becoming more and more accessible, social networking has become a platform for connecting with other individuals in a variety of ways. Sites such as LinkdIn, Facebook, and now even blogs make networking easier for those trying to find jobs and employees. While traditional methods are always good practice, to stay ahead  in a world where everyone’s schedule is constantly filled, social networking is a must for anyone to stay current in society.

One of the best ways to be relevant in today’s society is with social networking sites, and if an artist or writer has a blog or Twitter or facebook page that is updated frequently, potential employers or partners can research with ease about a particular artist or project. To have access to material that usually takes a while to discover can make any working relationship more efficient while never compromising someone’s time. Being relevant is partially putting one’s self out there so to speak, and in today’s society, the best way to do that is through social networking.


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