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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Colors of Friendship by K. R. Raye @KRRaye

Home Late

“Nice of you to call me, so I wouldn’t be sitting up worrying about your little ass!” Imani greeted Melody as soon as she opened their dorm room door.

“So much for hoping you’d be asleep,” moaned Melody as she closed the door.  Avoiding Imani’s expectant stare, she hung up her coat, kicked off her shoes, and wondered how much to tell her friend.

“I’m waiting!”

“Oh, don’t get all worked up, Imani,” Melody said as she stretched out across her bed.

Imani got up from her desk—where it looked and smelled like she’d just removed her fingernail polish—and sat down next to Melody.

“I met someone.”


“You were right about the shoes.  My feet were killing me.”  Melody wiggled her toes for effect.  “You were too busy dancing with Trevor and I couldn’t find Lance.  So, I took off to come home.  That’s when I bumped into this cute, Paul Newman-looking hunk named Kevin.  He has adorable, spiky, blonde hair and beautiful, blue eyes that you want to swim in.”  She shot Imani a mischievous look.  “And a body that would make even you drool.”

“Keep talking.”

“I don’t know what happened.  We went to the top of the Union and talked and talked and talked, I mean about every single thing.”  Tingling feelings coursed through her body, so Melody hugged herself and lay down to contain them.  “Kevin’s wonderful!  My God, I never felt like that.  It was so magical.  I kissed him, Girl.  Can you believe it?”  She popped up again.  “And I would have done more, too.  I was just so enchanted.”

“You?  Miss I-Need-to-Get-to-Know-Someone-for-Years-Before-I-Consider-Kissing-Them?”  Imani asked, surprise written across her flawless, walnut-skinned features.  “This guy must really be something special.  Tell me more!”

“That’s really all there is to tell.  I met him, we talked, and we kissed at the door.”

“Well, when are you seeing him again?”  Imani snorted.  “Hell, when am I meeting his ass?”

“Whoa, slow down.”  Melody chuckled.  “I don’t want to scare him off.”  Her voice dropped to a whisper and she felt her cheeks burn again, “although we talked about catching a movie tomorrow after chapel.”


“I told you we talked about everything.  We’re both Catholic and we’re attending Mass tomorrow, second service.”

“Get the hell outta here!”

“Watch the language, please,” she replied, giggling.  “So after Mass, we might grab a bite to eat and catch one of the dramas or the sci-fi comedy.  I promise to come home right after that.”

“Shit.  You’re grown.  You can come in whenever you want.  But thanks for the itinerary.  If he’s actually a serial killer, I can give the cops the clues.”

She smacked Imani’s shoulder.  “Ooh, that is so wrong!”

Imani pretended to rub her shoulder.

With a sideways glance, Melody switched the subject.  “So, um, how’s Trevor?”

“Oh, puh-leeze!  Tonight was not like that at all.”  Imani dismissed her insinuations with a wave.  “Trev is just a friend.  You know I don’t think of him like that.”

“Well, maybe you should.”  Melody sat up straight, smile gone.  “He’s been following behind you all year like a puppy dog.  It’s pretty obvious to everyone the boy likes you.”

“That’s too weird.”  Imani shuddered.  “He’s like a brother.  That’s like dating Lance.”

“No, Lance is too much of a Ho to be considered dating.  You’d never get past the second date if you didn’t give him any.  Hell, you wouldn’t get past a second date even if you did!”

They both cracked up laughing.

“Anyhow, nice try turning the tables, but this wasn’t about me, it was about your ass sneaking in here at 2:30!”  Imani stopped scolding Melody long enough to look deep into her eyes.  “Be careful, okay?  Take this slow.  You know you’re too damn romantic for your own good.  Especially since you insist on comparing your love life to your parents, with their supposedly-perfect marriage, and those awful Harlequin rags you read.”

“I know, but I’ve waited so long to feel like this.  Everything about us just clicked and it felt amazing!  Honestly, I could see myself spending every hour with Kevin and never getting tired or bored.”  Her friend’s concerned gaze made her pause.  “Okay, okay!  I’ll take it slow.”

Colors of Friendship

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