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Saturday, August 30, 2014

#Excerpt from Charlotte Dent by @MorganRichter #ChickLit #BookClub #Women

Considering how cranky and old she felt by the time she reached Heaven, it was a shock to be carded. The bouncer at the door asked for her ID—hers only, and Bob and Charlotte were the same age. He squinted at her DMV-issued California identification card; she half-expected him to raise a stink that it wasn’t a driver’s license, but he handed it back and let them inside without another word.
“It’s because you look so young, Chuck,” Bob said as soon as they were past the door. She couldn’t hear him over the blasting sound system; only by looking at his lips could she make out what he was saying.
“Clean living,” she shouted back. She shouldn’t mind getting carded—if it wasn’t apparent she was closing in fast on thirty, so much the better—but she suspected it wasn’t so much a case of looking in the first bloom of youth as looking unsophisticated. Unformed. Out of place. The bouncer let her know she didn’t belong.
Bob said something she couldn’t hear and headed off in another direction, the crowd opening around him and swallowing him whole. And the only person she knew in the place had vanished.
She made her way to the bar, three-deep with well-dressed clubgoers. She’d had never been here before, but this was a trendy spot in Hollywood, and cocktails would be priced accordingly. Even with half-price drinks, she needed to be careful. One drink only, and she’d pay in cash, and she’d make sure to reserve enough for the bus home. When the bartender finally turned his harried attention to her, she ordered a glass of the house red. The free hors d’oeuvres Bob mentioned consisted of a tray on the bar lined with grease-stained doilies and a single sad triangle of cheese toast. Too bad. She was hungry.
She should network. That was what this was about, wasn’t it? She didn’t have any idea how to network. If she did, she’d be having a much better time of things.
There was a familiar face down at the end of the bar. Familiar as in personally known to her, and also familiar as in kind of famous, which was the networking double whammy. She angled her way through the crowd, careful not to jostle her wine glass, then reached over and tapped a young woman on the shoulder. “Rachel. Hi.”
Rachel turned away from her male companion and looked at her. Her expression was blank.
“Charlotte Dent. From USC.” She managed to not make it sound like a question. They knew each other, damn it. Rachel would remember her.
“Charlotte! Oh my God. It’s good to see you!” Rachel looked like she meant it, too, like she was half-thinking of giving her a hug despite the bodies in the way. “How’ve you been? It’s been forever.”
“I’m good. You look fantastic.” Having been welcomed, Charlotte deemed it acceptable to slide a little closer to the bar. “I saw you on The Tonight Show a few weeks ago. You were really great.”
“Thanks.” Rachel slid over to give her more room. She turned to the man seated beside her. Expensive haircut, expensive tie. “Charlotte, this is my husband, David. Charlotte and I were in drama school together.”
David’s cool hand clasped hers. “Charlotte. Great to meet you.”
“We got married in March. In Malibu.” Rachel turned a little pink. “David’s also my agent.”
“That’s great. Congratulations.”
Rachel smiled. She looked happy and in love. “Thanks. Wow, it’s great running into you. What are the odds?”
“It’s alumni night.” Rachel looked blank. “The drama school alumni are meeting tonight. I guess it’s a monthly thing.”
“No kidding?” Rachel looked around, then exploded into giggles. “I thought a lot of people looked familiar.”
Charlotte laughed along with her. They leaned their heads together so they wouldn’t have to shout over the music. Rachel placed her hand on her wrist. There was something so convivial about their body language, like they were close friends instead of acquaintances who hadn’t seen each other for the better part of a decade, that Charlotte felt a little melancholy.

When struggling actress Charlotte Dent is cast as a leggy killer robot in a big, brainless summer blockbuster, the subsequent hiccup of fame sends a shock wave through her life. The perks of entry-level celebrity are balanced by the drawbacks: destructive filmmakers, online ridicule, entitled costars, and an awkward, unsatisfying relationship with the film’s fragile leading man. Self-aware to a fault, Charlotte fights to carve out a unique identity in an industry determined to categorize her as just another starlet, disposable and replaceable. But unless she can find a way to turn her small burst of good fortune into a durable career, she’s destined to sink back into obscurity.
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Genre - General Fiction, Chick Lit
Rating - PG
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Soul of the World by Joshua Silverman #ReviewShare #Fantasy #SciFi @jg_silverman

The Soul of the World (Legends of Amun Ra, #2)The Soul of the World by Joshua Silverman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the Legends of Amun Ra series. It definitely better than the first book. Everything that is needed for an excellent fantasy read are in this book. Silverman is a great writer whose world building skills are incredible and his characters are extremely fascinating. Plotline are weaved in such a manner that when a new character is introduced it doesn’t throw the reader off balance.

From Book 1 to Book 2, the series works well on a variety of levels. Leoros’ soul searching sets out an unbelievable pace for the story. Atlantia on her own is forced to do some soul searching on her own and Potara is scattered between the good, the bad and the confused. At the beginning, the story seemed as scattered as Portara and the displaced hero had me thinking about how well the story would work.

In the end, everything comes together. The detachment of the characters from each other makes the reader more aware of their individual struggles and strengths.

This scene was the most appealing to me and it made solidified the fact there was definitely more to the characters than I was expecting: - Atlantia launched a ball of fire. The inferno lit up the night-time forest in a violet glow. The form of the woman dissipated in a dark mist; the fireball sizzled through the spot where she was and collided into the trees, lighting them on fire.

Disclosure - As a Quality Reads UK Book Club member, I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I received no monetary compensation for my book review. This book review is based on my thoughts, opinion and understanding of the book. This book review does not reflect the opinion of other book club members.

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Lisa Consiglio Ryan on "Anytime" Detox & Why You Should Do It @LisaConsiglioR #Health #Diet

Oh, glorious spring! Time to wake up and move!

Spring means rebirth, renew…starting over.  Many actually start their “new year” in the spring. You have more energy, a spark, to carry your health goals through all the way into next fall. 

Now, I’m talking about popping a bunch of pills or mixing up powders for a detox. I believe a simple whole foods based cleanse is perfect.  Detox doesn’t have to mean deprivation, starvation, and torture.   It’s not a diet, a quick fix…just a simple clean living plan you can incorporate in life.
Detox signifies glow, vibrancy, sexiness if done safely.  Eating lots of veggies (especially spring ones like peas and asparagus), dark greens (kale, spinach, watercress), fruits, grains, beans and legumes is the ticket. You know, all that good wholesome stuff.

You are probably wondering then WHY you should detox.

Here are 3 reasons why you should detox:

1.  Over the past 60 years or so, we have seen a tremendous increase in the use of chemicals in all types of industry, including factory farming.  This has brought with it a bunch of toxins.  Pesticides and herbicides were virtually unknown 70 years ago are now widely used on our crops.  Despite the fact that most of us are fastidious about cleaning our homes, cars, clothes and so on, few of us pay attention to cleaning ourselves-on the inside, that is.  Over the years, the debris of everyday toxins accumulates in your blood, liver, lungs, gut, and in fact in your body’s cells.  We become acidic, imbalanced within our blood. This leads to inflammation, and therefore, chronic disease.  It is so important to cleanse, at least seasonally to help your body get back to a balance and stay healthy to ward off any illness.

(Okay, enough with the science lesson! But I had to give you the low-down on the basics)

2.  When body is overloaded with toxins, much of your energy is spent on trying to eliminate the toxins rather than on enabling you to live life to the fullest. Additional pressures like stress, insomnia, and emotional issues can aggravate the symptoms of toxic overload.  You know how you tend to break out more when you are stressed? Just the body’s way of eliminating toxins and letting you know to either slow down or pump some healthy foods into your system.

3.  When you detox, especially during spring, you are more apt to keep up with your goals. This is the perfect time of year to devise a health plan and stick to it.  How do you want to feel?  What do you want to change?  Let those goals blossom.  During springtime you have the opportunity to look at old patterns in your life with new awareness and detox can help you obtain some long-term habits that you can keep up with for your life.

Are you ready to get your detox on this spring?


Lose weight, energize, and glow with over 50 recipes and complete 10 day detox plan. This whole foods cleanse includes detailed menu plan, shopping list, and bonus recipes to make after your cleanse. Renewal "Anytime" also includes pre-detox plan, daily instructions, FAQ's, and post-detox next steps.

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Genre – Wellness
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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Claudette Melanson on Family, Strength & Weakness @Bella623 #YA #Paranormal #Romance

Tell us a bit about your family.
I live with my husband and four bun-babies.  Our rabbits dominate our lives and are like children to us. We have a female lop named Beckett and a male from the same mother, Butters.  Our two big babies are a mischievous girl named Pepper and the sweetest boy in the world, Tegan.  My husband is my best friend and is a rockstar; he plays in a cover band called Ear Candy. They play big venues like Fan Fridays and Canada Day before Blue Jays’ games and Blue Mountain Ski Resort.  I’m also very close to my sister—and her three beautiful daughters—and my son, who live about 10 hours away.  It’s very hard to be away from them, but I try to get home as much as I can.  We went to the Bahamas with my son, Jake, last year and it was the best trip of our lives!

How do you work through self-doubts and fear?
I am a big believer in that old adage—Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I had to completely leave my life behind when I moved from British Columbia to Ontario to be with my husband and it was a leap of faith. The reward was worth the risk, as far as he was concerned, tenfold. I’ve pretty much lived my whole life this way and it turns out positive 99% of the time.  Without risk there is no reward, without darkness, no light.  I’m lucky though, because I have a talent for tuning out what others think and believing in myself.  I have a very positive voice inside my head and it’s gotten me through some pretty tough situations.

What scares you the most?
Losing the ones I love. We lost a bunny we’d had for seven years, a little over a year ago, and it still cuts deep.  Your life is built around those you love, and when they disappear your life will be missing that vital part forever.  You will never be the same again.

What makes you happiest?
My family.  Playing with and petting the bun babies.  Vacations with my son.  Talking with my sister into the wee hours.  Horror movies!  Seeking out and cooking healthy recipes.  Just hanging out anywhere with my husband. Oh….and writing!

What’s your greatest character strength?
I’m hoping it’s my kindness.  I love that quote ‘Be kind, because everyone is fighting some kind of battle.’  It’s so true.  We have no idea what that person in front of us is dealing with.  I try to smile and say hello to everyone around me. I also do a lot of baking for others.  I was born in the Southern states and love to feed people!  We have rescued five rabbits and are big Rabbit Rescue advocates, too.

What’s your weakest character trait?
I’m going to say impatience.  I always want things to happen right away, even though I know the best things happen in their own time.  I know I need to slow down more and enjoy the experience instead of just wishing to jump to the end result.

Why do you write?
I have no control over this. I’ve had a writer’s voice in my head since before I can remember.  I used to ride in the car with my mom and write the scenery around me, automatically, in my head.  I also have very vivid dreams about creatures or characters I don’t know or have never read about. I think I was just born with a writing brain.  Also, I write because I suck at science and math!



Rising Tide will sink it's teeth into you, keeping you awake into the wee hours of the night

Maura's life just can't get any worse...or can it?

Isolated and sheltered by her lonely mother, Maura's never been the best at making friends. Unusually pale with a disease-like aversion to the sun, she seems to drive her classmates away, but why?

Even her own father deserted her, and her mother, before Maura was born. Bizarre physical changes her mother seems hell bent on ignoring, drive Maura to fear for her own life. And her luck just seems to get worse.

Life is about to become even more bewildering when her mother's abrupt...and unexplained...decision to move a country away sets off a chain of events that will change Maura forever. A cruel prank turned deadly, the discovery of love and friendship....and its loss, as well as a web of her own mother's lies, become obstacles in Maura's desperate search for a truth she was never prepared to uncover.

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Genre – YA Paranormal Romance
Rating – PG
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@LeskoLori Shares Her #PubTip on What Should Aspiring #IndieAuthors Know - #AmWriting

What should aspiring indie writers know?
Indie writers have arrived and they are scarring the crap out of traditional publishers because try as they might, they can’t deny indie writers are taking a piece of the cake. And they weren’t even invited to the party. I’ve only been doing this for 2 years and it’s grown immensely during this time. So much so, that there appears to be another division occurring among the indie community itself. We’ve split into two parties. One: writers who know how to write great books and market themselves. Two: writers who know how to write good books and have not a clue on how to market themselves.
Many people are benefiting off of each party, the readers, the writers and the ones who pull the novel all together. The ones who are taking full advantage of this blooming industry, maybe just a little more advantage then they should. Yes, I’m talking about editors and proofreaders. I only bring this up to prepare you in case you are thinking all the hard work is done once you have your manuscript in hand. Unfortunately, that’s just step 1 of 5. And the last four steps can be very expensive and time consuming.
Editors. Which kind? Most editors charge by word count or page count instead of by hour. This is a good thing for authors, because it gives them more upfront pricing and fewer surprises if it takes the editor twice as long to complete. Also, there are three types of editors and their fees are different because skill set, time, and dedicated focus/complexity is much different for each level. Keep in mind, the price of an editor can also depend on level of education, skill set, experience level, or geographic location. Don’t always snag the cheapest just to save a buck. Sometimes another editor who may charge just a tad more may be worth the money where the other could be like throwing it out the window.
1) Content Editor (also called structural editor or developmental editor) – this is someone who looks at the story holistically and makes large scale (think macro level) changes to plot, content flow, character development, plot consistency/holes, believability, etc. This is the first editor you would go to, though most Indie authors can’t afford both this type of editing and copy editing, so they forego this and rely solely on beta readers or critique groups of other writers to give them this type of feedback. If you can afford one, these can be worth their weight in gold, because they will point things out that you never even thought of. But, they run anywhere from $1200-$1800 and up.
2) Copy editor – this is the person who goes through and does a deep LINE editing job. This is to look for grammar, punctuation, tense, character consistencies (ie, she has blond hair in chapter one and mysteriously has red in chapter four), readability/flow, style, etc. Expect to pay anywhere from between $350-$1,000. (All depends on book length and level needed)
Below are some ways to find editors of any price range. Most editors will agree to edit (for free) from a page or two, to a certain number of words, to a full first chapter. This lets the editor gauge the level of editing they might need to do on the book, and also gives you a chance to see if you think the editor is a good fit FOR YOU and your book. Because it works both ways and you want to make sure it’s a good fit before hiring someone on. After all, if they are missing basic stuff, it’s better to know now.
Finding editors is a tricky business. I suggest word of mouth. Look towards writers you like and see who they recommend. Vet them! Read novels they’ve edited for other people. Make sure they don’t have too much on their own plate, especially editors who are writing a novel as well as editing yours at the same time. This is a very expensive business guys and gals, so expect them to be committed to your baby and have a timeline set as to when it will be done.

Amber Tyler is living every author’s dream: her books are all best sellers and she writes full time. She has worked hard and is well-accomplished in her career, and she has the support and love of her beautiful children and girlfriend. 

But the dream soon turns into a terrible nightmare when her latest manuscript is stolen. She decides to fight for what is rightfully hers, only to find that the harder she tries, the easier it all slips through her fingers, putting her career, her family, and her life in jeopardy.
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Genre – Thriller
Rating – PG-13
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Catching the Fire from "My Conversations with God" by Carlos Aranda @losman1976 #Christian

Catching the Fire
I am sure that being a Christian for any length of time, you have heard the term revival. Revival is a term that refers to a specific time of increased spiritual renewal in the church or congregation. I think of it as a time of refueling the fire. I believe that God looks down on the earth, in its dark and chaotic times, to see his children that he has called his light of the world (Matt 5:14–16). Why is it that when we feel a move of God, so great that it’s usually in the church? I believe this to be that when you have enough light in one place, we now have God’s attention (remember it’s not only the gathering of light but our praise and worship). 
If you’ve seen any wedding ceremonies, the husband and wife might decide to symbolize their marriage by taking one candle each, and with that, they are married. Symbolically, they position the candles to make two single flames into one large single flame. When there is a revival, if you notice that churches are at overflow capacity, there a breakout of praise and worship can last for hours or even days before anyone speaks or prayer entails. Now you have a light so bright in one place it makes it hard to ignore. 
God is always looking for a heart that he can love and trust, willing to be faithfully following him daily. I believe, especially during this time of revival, that God is pleased and finds what he was looking for. Please understand I am not saying this is the only time he shows up. Even as it states in Matt 18:19, “Where two or more gather in my name there I am also.” 
We have to make a change and a difference to reach others who cannot find their way. If our light cannot shine, then it will be like the blind leading the blind. I believe we can position ourselves to no longer be a single-lit candle but many together to be a flame that can light the way for God’s hand to move and for the lost, hurting, and sick to find their way to the almighty to share in his salvation, love, and everlasting peace. Get ready!
This book is a biblical perspective on how God wants us to see and get through the trials that life brings our way. It is a book of conversations and things brought to our attention that we may not always see and how through scripture God wants us to get through them.
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Genre - Christian Living
Rating – G
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Belinda Vasquez Garcia Shares Her Bad Experience with Book Signing @MagicProse #AmWriting

I was going to Phoenix one time with my husband for a reunion. Why not kill two birds with one stone, to use an old cliché, and set up a book signing? I had just published my first book, a kid’s chapter book.
I called up a Barnes and Noble store in Scottsdale. The store manager was too nice. “Why don’t you come up the month after instead? The store always declares that day as Teachers’ Saturday. It is a month before school starts, and the store gets very crowded that day. Teachers’ Saturday is always the very best time for a kid’s book signing, and we would love to have you. Your book looks so cute and educational.”
“But I’m in the area the month before. I’ll have to make a special round trip of 840 miles a month later.”
“We give the teachers a discount that day. I’m sure they will all want to buy your book to read to their classes. In the flyers to the schools, I will mention your signing.”
I cupped the receiver and told my husband excitedly. “We should go twice to Phoenix. She has assured me that I will sell a zillion books. Blah! Blah! Blah! Kiss. Kiss.”
There were hotel costs, restaurant bills, and gas, so I also booked a Borders book store in Tempe, and a Barnes and Noble in Tucson for a two-day whirlwind book tour. The store managers were all very nice, and said they would order my books for the signings.
We survived my husband’s reunion and a month later we were back in the Phoenix area.
On Saturday at the book store in Scottsdale, I sat there for two hours and about five people came into the store.
“I just don’t understand it,” the manager said. “I sent out all the flyers. I am so sorry no one has bought your book.”
I leaned over the banister, scanning the lone person in the store browsing the aisles. None of the five customers had even come upstairs to the children’s books.
“Here, let me buy a copy,” the manager said and yanked out a ten dollar bill.
I signed the book; my time was up; and we drove to Tucson.
The signing went better there.
The next morning on our way out of town, we stopped in Tempe for a few hours for my book signing. I had called up a cousin to let him know I would be at Borders and given him the address and time.
I waltz into the store, singing. “I’m here for the book signing.”
“What book signing?” the manager said.
“I set one up several months ago. Remember? I spoke with you.”
“Uh. Duh. Flubber. Drip drop. Sorry.”
“Let’s get out of here,” I told my husband.
On the way out of the Phoenix area I said, “Did you notice no one was at Borders? That store is really screwed up; I’m surprised it stays in business.”

The last thing Miranda ever expected was to see her brother’s ghost at the fallen Twin Towers.
It’s bad enough survivor Christopher Michaels scares her with claims that if one dies violently, his ghost will haunt the place that holds his name. And to top it all, one of those thousands of ghosts follows Miranda to her hotel. The only certainty is the ghost grabbing her under the covers is not Jake.
Their parents’ deaths separated Miranda from Jake when they were kids. Michaels insists Jake brought them together and it’s no coincidence that of thousands mourning at Ground Zero, it’s his best friend she bumps into. Some best friend. Michaels is more like a moocher. The cheapskate never has money, just a blood-stained wallet he broods over. Miranda has no choice but to hang out with the weird Michaels in order to unravel her brother’s past.
As Miranda spends time with Michaels, she begins to wonder who he really is. Against her better judgment, Miranda becomes emotionally entangled with Michaels, a bitter alcoholic with a secret linked to her brother and that blood-stained wallet.
I Will Always Love You is part mystery, suspense and romance, a novel that will keep the reader turning the pages!
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Genre – Suspense, Mystery, Romance
Rating – PG
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Danny Wynn Shares His Memories About Majorca #Spain #AmWriting #LitFic

My novella “Man from the Sky” takes place entirely on the Spanish island of Majorca.  I first became aware of Majorca in 1987 when I was living in London.  A the time, in the U.K., Majorca was perceived as a vacation spot predominantly for a tacky, low-brow crowd, and there was a famous Heineken TV advertisement in which people recited, in a very low-class English accent, the line, “The water in Majorca doesn’t taste what it ought to” (I think from “My Fair Lady”).  Thus, I had never considered it as a vacation destination for myself.
However, I acquired a Dutch girlfriend, whose mother had renovated an old farmhouse on the island to use as a second home, and my girlfriend essentially said to me, “Look before you laugh.”  She explained to me that it is a large island, and yes, there are some tacky enclaves, but they’re very contained, and the rest of the island is very beautiful and has a lot to offer.  We went to a spot on the mountainous western coast, and I immediately fell in love with the place.  (It was a shame she was so unpleasant on the trip because she had turned me on to one of my favorite places in the world, and that should been a big plus for our relationship.)  There is a certain kind of beauty that is specific to the Mediterranean – a dry green, reddish-tan, and textured rustic beauty – and I saw that Majorca was the finest example of it I had ever seen.  I couldn’t stop looking at the place.  Since then, I’ve been back about two dozen times, the longest stay being six weeks, and have explored much more of the island.  Also, now a close friend of mine lives there with his family, further increasing the enjoyment I get from being there, and making it more fun to go solo.
The main city is Palma – about 250,000 residents, I think – and when I first went to the island, it was quite seedy and run-down.  I tended to stay away from it.  But over the years, as the Majorcan economy has done very well, the city has been cleaned up and re-vitalized.  Today, it is a vibrant, attractive city, with a fair amount of culture and very mild winters (on some days, you can dine outside during the winter).  As I say in my novella, the sun and the sea don’t hurt.
Also, over the years, the cuisine has gone from simple country fare to some of the finest in the world.  There are exceptional restaurants everywhere, not to mention about 100 gorgeous, luxury hotels scattered over the island, mostly in beautiful converted old structures like monasteries and large manor houses.
The best beaches are on the southern and eastern coasts, and the greatest visual beauty is found on the western coast where a 100-mile long mountain range descends to the sea, with villages halfway up the mountains scattered along the way.  The car-rides along that coast are one of those things that belong on a list of things to do before you die.
It not only proved to be the perfect setting for my novella, but it also partly inspired the novella, which is consistent with the fact there is a mountain there said to inspire creativity in people. The island became virtually a character in the story.
I’m headed there again at least once this year, and maybe a second time to promote my book there.  I can’t wait.

How far would you go to add excitement to a life you felt was boring and meaningless?
For seventy-three-year-old Jaime, the answer takes him by surprise. Accustomed to a lonely life high up in the mountains on the western coast of Mallorca, his dull routine is suddenly shattered when a man parachutes from a plane and lands nearby. The plane crashes; the man lives.
It’s a drug smuggling operation gone bad. But Stefan, the man from the sky, has escaped with eight kilos of cocaine in a gym bag. Jaime brings Stefan home and is soon entangled in Stefan’s attempts to sell the cocaine and start a new life.
As they dodge Parisian drug dealers and corrupt Mallorcan police, Jaime’s search for excitement and Stefan’s resolve to find stability lead them both down dangerous paths.
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Genre – Literary Fiction, Adventure
Rating – PG-13
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@MarcADiGiacomo on Saving Someone's Life #AmReading #AmWriting #Thriller

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Marc A. DiGiacomo
1)      I am a real New York Police Detective (retired) who worked for a small town.
2)      In A Small Town was my first published work but it isn’t my first story.
3)      I am a huge fan of the band Pearl Jam, In A Small Town, is a shortened title of one of their songs.
4)      I have saved someone’s life.
5)      I have a dog named Lola, she’s really sweet, sometimes.
6)      My favorite time of year is the fall.
7)      My favorite NFL team is the Miami Dolphins.
8)      Unlike Matt Longo, I can never remember any of my dreams.
9)      I married my high school sweetheart.
10)   I can eat an entire watermelon, as long as it’s perfectly sweet.

The shotgun blast catches Detective Matthew Longo by surprise. His world unravels into a nightmare that seemingly won’t end. Murder, rapes, pedophiles, the small town of Hutchville, N.Y. is changing. It is up to him to make a difference.
While partner Donny Mello is in Italy attending a funeral for a family member who is connected, to say the least, a beautiful F.B.I. agent waits to question him about his family business. Can Matt keep from answering the Agent’s questions? More importantly, can he hide a potentially career-ending secret from his community, his brother, and most especially Agent Cynthia Shyler?
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Genre – Thriller
Rating – R
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Will North on Being Oprhaned by the #Publishing Industry @WillNorthAuthor #AmWriting #PubTip

Well, I have to admit it was easy. I’m sorry. That’s probably going to offend a lot of young novelists.  But I promise you, it was a complete surprise to me, something I never expected in my wildest dreams.

Here’s the background: I’d already written more than a dozen nonfiction books when my first novel showed up in my head like an uninvited guest. It was a complete surprise. The thing about writing all those other books is that it’s like learning to play the piano: the more books you write the better you become. I don’t think of myself as an “artist.” I think of myself as a tradesman who, over many years, has honed his craft. It’s like that joke about the guy walking in Manhattan who asks a passing pedestrian, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” and the pedestrian says, “Practice!”

Still, I had never written a sentence of fiction until this first story demanded to be written. I had never taken a single class in “creative writing,” though I’d been writing for years. But that story had such control over me that it was done in ninety days. Truly done. I sent it to my long-time agent in New York and he shopped it around to the major publishers. I expected nothing.

Just under two weeks later, I was sitting in the reading chair in my living room and my book was in the midst of a heated auction in New York among several so-called “legacy” publishers. My agent would call every hour or so, as the bids rose for the publishing rights to my first novel, “The Long Walk Home,” a love story set in the mountains if North Wales, in Britain. It was surreal. The bids topped out at a very high number and my reaction wasn’t, “Wow!”  It was, “These people are crazy!”
And it turned out I was right.

Here’s the ugly truth about selling a book to a major New York publisher: no matter how much they have paid the author to acquire the rights (this is called an advance against future royalties), they seldom spend more than five percent of the amount they’ve advanced on actually marketing the book. Let’s say you hit it big and get a $100,000 advance (virtually unheard of these days). Your publisher is unlikely to spend more than $5,000 on marketing that book.  $5,000?  That buys you nothing.  The publisher of my first novel bought a big ad in a newspaper circulated in libraries. In libraries? Where people don’t actually buy books? Hello?

See what I mean?  Some years back, when he was President, I ghost-wrote a book for Bill Clinton (it was great to work with him in the Oval Office). When the book was published I learned that its publisher was being supported by only two big bestsellers: “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” and “Primary Colors” (which was fictionally about the Clinton Administration). Everything else this major corporation had published that year was either break even or losing money…like Clinton’s book eventually did.

My second novel, “Water, Stone, Heart,” was nearly still-borne: the division of Random House which published it was shut down, overnight, soon after it was released. It was orphaned and because, as a result, sales were tepid, the industry orphaned me.
That’s why I’ve given up on the “legacy” publishers and signed on with a Seattle publishing startup, “Booktrope.” Their business model is brilliant. They’re all about creating teams for each book—editor, proofreader, designer, marketing manager—talented people who receive some percentage of my royalties. In short, everyone on my team has a financial stake in the success of the book. We sink or swim together.

I think that’s way cool.


Every summer for generations, three families intertwined by history, marriage, and career have spent “the season” at their beach cottage compounds on an island in Puget Sound. Today, Martha “Pete” Petersen, married to Tyler Strong, is the lynchpin of the “summer people.” In childhood, she was the tomboy every girl wanted to emulate and is now the mother everyone admires.

Colin Ryan, family friend and the island’s veterinarian, met Pete first in London, years earlier, when she visited his roommate, Tyler. He’s loved her, privately, ever since. Born in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen, son of a bar owner, he’s always been dazzled by what he sees of the sun-kissed lives of the summer people.

But this summer, currents strong as the tides roil: jealousies grow, tempers flare, passions clash. Then, on the last day of the season, a series of betrayals alters the combined histories of these families forever.

As in previous novels, The Long Walk Home and Water, Stone, Heart, with Seasons’ End, Will North weaves vivid settings and memorable characters into a compelling tale of romance and suspense.

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Genre – Women's Contemporary Fiction
Rating – PG-13
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