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Saturday, October 19, 2013

#AmReading - Heir to the Luima Legacy by Gabrielle Poplar @GabriellePoplar

Heir to the Luima Legacy by Gabrielle Poplar


A few people advance beyond their wildest aspirations, and other people descend lower than the expectations of their family and friends. Such was the story of Meryl and Nestor, a story that began in Custodian of the Luima Legacy. Now, the struggle between the brothers continue.

Meryl became the King of the Luima because of a series of events that revealed his true ancestry. He also found out that he was the first son of Prince Finnegan, heir to the throne of Bahadi. The Prince had another son, Nestor, who had been abducted by King Arpad of Estruchi. Nestor’s uncle and a few nobles determined to maintain Nestor’s position in the Bahadi line of succession declared Meryl to be a bastard King, and they recruited a cult of assassins to remove him. The internal feud in the Bahadi royal family was exploited by King Arpad, who convinced the dissenting Bahadi Lords to side with him in launching a war against the dominant Bahadi kingdom.

The choices made by Nestor, and the resolutions made by Meryl would determine who would become the Heir to the Luima Legacy.

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