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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Way Life Is by Rick Johnson

When I got home, it seemed like a strange place to me, one I wanted to avoid. I had never been without Patty for any length of time since we had met, and certainly not in any sort of traumatic situation. I didn’t want to go into the apartment without her there. I knew that if I did, I would be faced with the disheveled bed, our night clothes strewn about, all evidence that indeed, the past few hours had actually happened and there was no going bac

But, in I went and immediately flopped down on the couch in the living room and tried unsuccessfully to sleep. I got up and phoned my mother and told her the news. I was happy that talking to her made me feel better, but the fear and agitation returned when I hung up the phone.

I sat down and tried to clear my mind by writing about the great event:

Sara was born today! It really wasn’t very nice. I hated to see Patty in such pain. It made me sic

She’s a pretty little baby though, so small and smooth and cuddly, like a little dol

I’m all butterflies now. I can’t sleep and my stomach has a mind of its

The whole thing was a bit of a shock that I’m just now beginning to get ove

I sure hope we’re a happy family; she scares me so much. Patty and I have always been so good together. Sara won’t come between us, will

What will I do today? I’m sure not in the mood for classes or that college. I wish I were graduating. Patty and Sara and I would go away, buy a house somewhere and be a nice little family, just the three of u

Life will never be the same will it – no more hopping up and taking off for a beer, no more spontaneous pizzas, or movies. There won’t even be any more little walks around the neighbourhood, just the two of

We’ve been together so long, I hope we’re able to adjust to another person in our ever-so-private gr

And what about Sara? Will she enjoy life with us? I don’t know where she has been but we have to make life as good for her here as it was where she came fro

I don’t know – I guess it will work out alright. Anything that gets me all this agitated can’t be all

I returned to the couch and managed to doze off awhile, then got up and went to visit my sister on the way back to the hospital. I took Patty a bouquet of flowers in a small ceramic pot shaped like a child’s worn running sho

When I arrived about 1 p.m., Patty was sitting up in a bed just inside the door of the maternity ward recovery room, off the main hallway. It was a large room with several curtained-off beds and a number of nurses moving about doing whatever it is that they do in such a place.

Patty’s hair was now neatly brushed and she looked great to me, although worn, her eyes still revealing that she had cried not long before. Best of all, as I bent to kiss her, she smelled like my Patty again, the dominant antiseptic scent of the place we were in was drowned out completely by the personal scent I knew so well and loved so much. I felt reassured that I had not lost her, or our relationship, as I filled my lungs with the comfort of her presenc

“You look great,” I said. “And you were great this morning too, by the

“Was it just this morning,” she said. “Seems like ages

“Have you seen the baby?” I as

“No, not yet, but they said just before you came that they would be bringing her here so I could feed her. I hope I can do that properly

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