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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Come & Meet with Scott Moon (Enemy of Man) @ScottMoonWriter #SciFi #AmReading #TBR

What are you most passionate about? What gets you fired up?
I get really annoyed with judgmental people who don’t have empathy. And I can’t stand hate mongers.  
What makes you angry?
What’s your most embarrassing moment of your life?
I was once informed by a friend that the back of my swim suit was missing, except for the under liner. When I asked how long I had been exposing myself, he told me all day. And we had just gone to lunch at a very busy fast food restaurant. But that wasn’t too bad, because it was over by the time I realized what had happened. The worst moment, was the time I read a short story in 8th grade and no one got it. It didn’t stop me from writing, and hopefully, I’ve improved a lot over the years.
Are you a city slicker or a country lover?
Both, but I like the city when it’s really late at night and there isn’t much traffic.
How do you think people perceive writers?
That’s an interesting question. My non-writer friends seem to think the fact that I write novels is impressive, which makes me uncomfortable, because to me it’s just what I do. Most people probably think writers are either really smart or have their heads in the clouds.
What’s your next project?
I am editing book two of The Chronicles of Kin Roland. After that, I’m going to finish the Lost Dragonslayer Trilogy.
What’s the reason for your life? Have you figured out your reason for being here yet?
I’m here to provide for my family and follow my heart, live the dream, do at least one thing as best I can. I also feel an obligation to do good in the world, treat people fairly, and make intelligent decisions instead of blindly follow the crowd.
How do you feel about self-publishing?
I love the chance to share my work, and I think hard work will pay off. Now is a good time for new authors, though I fear it could all vanish in an instant. That is why I take every book seriously and strive for the best quality possible. Indie authors have gained respect in recent years, but respect has to be earned. I also think some writers will quit when they don’t make a fortune immediately, which will leave those who really care about writing for its own sake.
Do you know your neighbors?
Yes. Good people.
How important are friends in your life?
Friends are extremely important to me. I don’t spend enough time maintaining relationships, however. For me it is family, work, and writing. Socializing isn’t very practical when you’re trying to squeeze a very time consuming hobby into a busy day. 
How many friends does a person need?
As many as they have.

Lost Hero

Changed by captivity and torture, hunted by the Reapers of Hellsbreach and wanted by Earth Fleet, Kin Roland hides on a lost planet near an unstable wormhole.

When a distant space battle propels a ravaged Earth Fleet Armada through the same wormhole, a Reaper follows, hunting for the man who burned his home world. Kin fights to save a mysterious native of Crashdown from the Reaper and learns there are worse things in the galaxy than the nightmare hunting him. The end is coming and he is about to pay for a sin that will change the galaxy forever. 


Enemy of Man: Book One in the Chronicles of Kin Roland was written for fans of military science fiction and science fiction adventure. Readers who enjoyed Starship Troopers or Space Marines will appreciate this genre variation. Powered armor only gets a soldier so far. Battlefield experience, guts, and loyal friends make Armageddon fun. 


If you love movies like Aliens, Predator, The Chronicles of Riddick, or Serenity, then you might find the heroes and creatures in Enemy of Man dangerous, determined, and ready to risk it all. It’s all about action and suspense, with a dash of romance—or perhaps flash romance. 

From the Author

Thanks for your interest in my novel, Enemy of Man. I hope you chose to read the book and enjoy every page. 

If you have already read Enemy of Man, how was it? Reviews are appreciated! 

Have a great day and be safe.
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Rating – R
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